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перформанс Racine Laboratory (Лаборатория корня) [Sep. 16th, 2011|10:31 am]
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Х-Международное БИЕННАЛЕ современного искусства Диалоги. ЦВЗ Манеж, Санкт-Петербург 2011
Racine Laboratory (Racine=route in french) . The Route Laboratory.(Лаборатория корня)
French Institute, St.Petersburg State Theatre arts Academy, Creative Unit "The Artists' Village" and Odddance Theatre run the "route" investigation of the text of the tragedy "Berenice" J.Racine. 3 versions in different theatre techniques: verbal, nonverbal, butoh grow out of the classical text like out of the Route. In the programme one will find aboratory shows, discussions with the audience, conference, workshops.
Participants: Yves Beauget (Paris, France), Olga Samokhotova, Natalia Gestovskaya, Marina Spivak, Inna Posina